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Suck on This Album Cover Thumbnail

Suck on This

Suck on This was recorded in February 1989 in Berkeley Square, CA. It featured such memorable quotes as "Herb the Ginseng Drummer", "Larry You're a Bastard", and "We're Primus, we Suck". Of course, it also had an awesome version of Tommy the Cat with one of Les's best solos. With the exception of "The Heckler", all the songs appeared on other Primus albums or soundtracks.

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Frizzle Fry

After selling Suck on This (with some success) to local record stores, Primus got on the Caroline records label and recorded their first studio album. Frizzle Fry had 13 tracks, including Primus's first hit John the Fisherman. With other trash/metal/funk songs as Pudding Time, Too Many Puppies, and To Defy the Laws of Tradition, many fans consider this their favorite album. In case you're wondering what the title's about, Claypool was doing a lot of acid at the time.

Sailing the Seas of Cheese Album Cover Thumbnail

Sailing the Seas of Cheese

After leaving Caroline, Primus talked with several record companies before finding Interscope. Sailing the Seas of Cheese dealt with Frizzle Fry's success and the soul-searching that followed it. It is considered the most angry and anarchistic album, and is typically the most critically aclaimed with masterful bass work on the hits Jerry was a Racecar Driver and Tommy the Cat and the unusual rhythms of Eleven and Those Damn Blue-Collar Tweekers, which became classic songs with fans.

Miscellaneous Debris Album Cover Thumbnail

Miscellanous Debris

In 1992, Primus toured mostly but took enough time to do a small EP of covers. Miscellaneous Debris was the first album to candidly show Claypool's interest in the Residents, as Sinister Exaggerator was featured. The album also included XTC's Making Plans for Nigel, Pink Floyd's Have a Cigar, and two other songs.

Pork Soda Album Cover Thumbnail

Pork Soda

Shocking the music industry by premeiring at number 8 on the charts, 1993's Pork Soda nearly cast Primus into mainstream popularity with the top ten hit My Name is Mud, which drew heavy play both on radio and MTV. Ironically, the title "Pork Soda" symbolized Primus's music as something disgusting no one wanted. Fans also enjoyed DMV, Nature Boy, Welcome to this World, Mr. Krinkle, and of course the legendary Hamburger Train (a 9 minute instrumental).

Riddles Are Abound Tonight Album Cover Thumbnail

Riddles Are Abound Tonight

In 1994, Primus took a break from each other to work on side projects. Les Claypool's sideproject was Sausage, and their album was Riddles Are Abound Tonight. More jazzy and experimental than Primus, the video for the title track was one of the most bizarre in history, and inspired Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head) to create the Great Cornholio.

Tales From the Punchbowl Album Cover Thumbnail

Tales from the Punchbowl

Despite the grammy-nominated hit Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, Tales From the Punchbowl is considered by many to be the weakest Primus album. The album continues on many of the ideas from Seas of Cheese and Pork Soda, but still manages to sound different. It was the first ablum where Ler's parts took the melody rather than Les, and like Pork Soda, premeired at number 8.

Highball with the Devil

Highball with the Devil

Shortly following the change of drummers in Summer 1996 (Tim left and Brain joined), Les Claypool released his first solo album, called Highball with the Devil. Although Les plays bass, guitar and even drums for most of the album, he is helped out by Jay Lane, MIRV, and Joe Gore on a few tracks. The album received no radio play and produced no videos, but nonetheless was the number 3 college radio alternative Album that year.

Brown Album

Brown Album

With Brain behind the set, Brown Album marked the beginning of a new era for Primus. Blessed with a new energy, Primus explored its macabre side with such eerily delightful songs as Fisticuffs, Over the Falls, and Kalamazoo. The album also touched on Primus's earlier work with such songs as the new foot-stoppin' favorite Puddin' Taine and the mood-shifting Return of Sathington Willoby. Despite the abscence of a first hit single, the album still premeired at number 21 on the charts and the band played the HORDE festival in the summer.



Despite touring heavily in the year following Brown, the band somehow managed to find the time to record Rhinoplasty, the 1998 followup to Miscellaneous Debris. Taking its name from the South Park cartoon, the EP included once again covers of Peter Gabriel and XTC, along ones by with the Police, Stanley Clarke, and Metallica, plus two live tracks from the last New Year's Freakout. While the album was released in May in Europe, the US version was delayed until August so an Enhanced CD-ROM could be completed.



Right after working on side projects with Buckethead and Tom Waits, the band went back to the studio in the summer of '99 to record AntiPop, their 9th album. Stylistically, Primus decided to do a harder, more fan-oriented album, in the style of Frizzle Fry. Several friends such as Tom Morello, Fred Durst, and Stewart Copeland produced songs, and the recording of Oz Fritz and mixing of Toby Wright made for a cleaner sound than before. Favorites include Electric Uncle Sam, Lacquerhead, Dirty Drowning Man, and the 8 minute Eclectric Electric.