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That's right! I like Ler the most of any Primus member! Not even Les, Brain, or Bob C. Cock himself can equal Ler's level of coolness. For those of you who don't know him, Larry "Ler" LaLonde has been Primus's guitar player for some eight years now. Despite being a tremendous guitar player with a wonderfully unique style, Ler does not recieve the attention the other members of Primus do. While bassist/vocalist Les Claypool has won several awards and is worshipped by millions, and former drummer Tim Alexander is considered one of the best drummers today, Ler has almost been forgotten as a key to the sound of Primus and the success they've had. Although at first, Ler's playing was described as "A Real Mess" (learing Todd Huth's guitar parts wasn't easy), Ler quickly began adding his own unique style to Primus. On the Tales From the Punchbowl album, Ler's playing has a newfound importance -check out his solo on Wynona's Big Brown Beaver and you'll see what I mean. Ler is a pupil of Joe Satriani, whose former students include Steve Vai, Charlie Hunter, Alex Skolnick (Testament, Savatage), David Bryson (Counting Crows), and Kirk Hammett (Metallica).

Ler is unique as a guitar player not only for his style, but for his attitude. Not many would be willing to do what is asked of him and remain in the background to another instrument. Inventing riffs to compliment the playing of Les Claypool is no easy task, but through the years Ler has come to do it with perfection time and time again. Ler also has a great sense of humor. When asked why he was quitting his "solo project", Ler replied "I'm working some stuff out; getting my horn playing together. The other members of the band were just a bunch of dicks always wanting to play Oasis covers. I'm more into cutting-edge shit like that band Oasis. Ever heard of them?" Ler is just as funny as Les, but without that annoying hick laugh.

Anyway, I Luv Ler and I hope you do too. I've set up this page so Ler fans such as myself can flock here and tell the "Great Bangee Boy" how cool he is. I don't ever want there to be a moment when Ler doesn't know he is admired, respected, and yes, loved by many, many people!

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by Jonny (

"Ler, Larry, Larry Lalonde
Twould unjustifiably spoken if it were to be said that thou wert shallow
Thy genius shines through in a style of thine own
Like a body trying to burst out a bubble with little succes
Is how one would best describe thy playing when in frantic mode

Thy use of the tremolo bar is close to unmatched
And though thou seemst shy thine inner strength dost burst through
Through the wooden neck, through thine figers, from thine head
Ler, Larry, much credit is due
For though art undoubtedly an artist of gold stature

Thy composition, be without question unique and hence also unmatched
Thou doest look like thine guitar playing
Were it to be that a little snooky pooch wookum were to cross thy path
Thou wouldst so kindly beset upon it with all thine heart
And elevate thy world to higher level of understanding, love and peace

Ridiculous as it may sound, thy playing is of the highest caliber
And let us hope that no person doth miss the point
One has to shine like a star, and Ler thou hast proven to this cruel world
That thou hast this gift and ability
Let us not under-estimate our own capacities when we hear thine own."