Los Bastardos

Other Sites

These Major Sites have at least one special feature you just can't find anywhere else.

The Cheesy Primus Page
The original Primus Page!
The Official Primus page by that guy they call Bob Cock.
Primus FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about Primus, etc.
Les Claypool.com
Dedicated solely to the Bastard himself.
Miss Nuttbutter's
The first and only page made by one of the elusive "Primus Chicks"
The Ultimate Primus Page
I think the title pretty much says it!
Jim Wade's Sucky Page
Funny page with a description of Bob Cock himself.
The Cheese Boat
If you can wait 2 hours for this page to load, it's worth it.
Frizzle Fry's Page
Cool Art and other Proziac things
Spankin' Rankin's Preternatural Post of Pointless Primus Passions
A 100% self-indulgent site.
Tales From the FrenchBowl
This French site is also available English in too!
Diamond D's Primus Homepage
You can trade Bootlegs here!
Toaster's Concert Photo Archive
Like it says, lots of concert photos.
Visit the Bloody Pub Alliance and steal their wallpaper like I did!
Land of the Pachyderm
Take the Mr. Knowitall Test...

These site still Suck, but don't have anything especially unique about them. This is due to the fact that their authors aren't unemployed losers with nothing better to do than create Primus pages.

These sites are Extinct as far as I know.

Use this Form if you have a site that isn't on this list.